• Introduction to Disability Ministry 

  • Forming Disability Ministry:  Establishing a program

  • Sensory VS. Behavior

  • Making Your classroom work for you

  • Building friendships. a training for children's programs.

  • sensitivity training for leadership and members

Wanna Help us grow???

  • Get involved with what we do. Make a one time donation. Even if that is only $25.00, this helps us in a great way. You can be an ongoing supporter by making a monthly donation. 
  • If you shop on AMAZON, sign in with AMAZON SMILE and tell them that your charity is Steps Care Inc. As you shop on amazon a percentage of your total will go to support our cause. 
  • Volunteer. Do you have a special skill set that you would be willing to donate with your time and energy to us at Steps Care Inc? We would love to meet you. 

Our training is designed

with you in mind

  • Steps Care Inc. is here to help you take your disability ministry goals and make it a reality.  We will be here for support with all stages of this journey.  Just like individuals with disabilities are all  beautifully different, we understand that no two faith communities are the same and your specific needs will vary.  While we follow a basic guideline for training, every program will be customized to meet your needs and help you succeed.


  • What to expect during this process
    1. A Steps Care representative will make contact with you to identify your specific goals and needs.
    2. Our training will be custom tailored to meet the needs of your faith community. (Training sessions are listed above).
    3. Training sessions will be held for leadership, staff and volunteers of your ministry team. 
    4. As you begin your disability ministry Steps Care will  continue to be available to offer support and resources as needed.
    5. As your ministry grows additional training sessions can be held for new staff/volunteers or as refresher courses for existing staff.

Training programs offered

Call us for training at 479-717-7741

What does our training cost you???

 it is our goal to make this training available to all who desire to start a disability ministry, regardless of their financial situation, we do not charge for our services or training materials.  Steps Care is supported by the generous  offerings and donations of the people and communities we serve and those who have made it their goal to see this great ministry shared.  All that you are required to give is your willingness to learn and to open your heart to those with special needs that want to make your faith community their own.