Steps works with religious organizations to help them form disability ministries


So many families, in the disability community have left their faith of choice because of the challenges that they face when entering a place of worship. I believe that churches will benefit from this frame work that Steps has established to help these organization recognize where the challenges lie and how they can help establish support systems to help families in our disability community.

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To get your Copies of "Steps, Forming a Disability Ministry,"by Shelli Allen and Dr. Linda Barboa, Click on the book.

Steps Care Inc. is looking for donations so we can be a resource for faith communities that are committed to disability ministry. Sensory toys, mats, adaptive equipment, swings, trampolines, and other resources that support disability ministry are huge expenses that many faith communities just can not afford.

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We want to develop a group of support for leaders  that are actively doing disability ministry or are thinking about starting a disability ministry. This is a safe place to ask question, talk about challenges, or seek advice. 

Want to know more??? Contact Shelli  @ shelliallen@stepscare.org

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​Steps Care Inc. is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) whos mission is to provide training, resources, and support to faith based organizations that seek to provide a more inclusive experience to individuals with disabilities and their families.

Volunteers are always needed for these types of ministries. Respite nights, assistant teachers, paras, and buddies. If you are wondering how do I get involved? Let us point you in the right direction. Go to the contact page and send us a message. We would be glad to help get you involved.

75% of faith communities do not have established disability ministries. Join us as we support those who step up and reach out to serve these families who so desperately want  to be apart.